About Our Family Farm

Many years ago, Bookend Farms was only a whispered dream that we would talk about late at night when the kids were in bed.  We would sit in the living room or on the porch (one of us usually holding a baby) and talk about the animals and other parts we would love this nameless farm to have.  Time passed and babies grew, and we still dreamed.  We moved several times and dreaming turned into planning.  Over time, and by God’s grace, we have come to live in our forever home and have had the privilege to see our planning to come into form.

As a homeschooling family of nine, it has been a tremendous blessing to dig deep into family farming.  The work and responsibilities are shared between us, as are the joys and accomplishments.

Spring and fall have always been our favorite seasons to be outside as a family in the garden.  We refer to these times as the ‘bookends’ of the growing season.  This is how our family farm gained its name:  Bookend Farms.  This name reminds us daily that our family seeks to be rooted in values such as honoring the Lord with our work, maintaining a slow and purposeful pace of life, and making time to invest in and enjoy our family.  It is our goal and desire to keep our farm rooted in these same values, and that they would be shared into our community.  Our farm name reflects what is life-giving to our family, and we welcome you in to experience it for yourself.


Kevin and Stacey