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We only stock Non-GMO feeds/grains.  Here are our current prices listed below.  Please keep in mind that prices fluctuate (usually very small) due to seasonality and overall market demand.

  1. Oats:  $0.4 per pound
  2. Non-GMO Cracked Corn:  $0.25 per pound
  3. Alfalfa Pellets:  $0.37 per pound
  4. Gamebird Scratch:  $0.34 per pound
  5. 18% Non-GMO Layer Pellets:  $0.31 per pound
  6. Bull Grower (14%P/2%F):  $0.21 per pound
  7. Non-GMO Dairy Goat (18%P/14%F):  $0.28 per pound
  8. 16% Non-GMO Soy-Free Corn-Free Hog Pellets: $0.27 per pound